Olympia Rally SS2 Foloi to Pinios

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Day 2 of Olympia Rally and it was a tricky one. Speed wasn’t the key factor today but reading the road book was what got you the win.

A very demanding special stage, with 240kms, but with more than 400 notes to read and follow in the roadbook, especially with the navigation requiring the riders to have total concentration as there were many intersections with a slow average speeds, giving best times to riders that made the least mistakes! Clear mid, endurance and good technik, the best combination to win!

First to finish the stage was again #48 Rick van VEEN, with #303 Timo HEINEN in second and #320 Mortiz HENNEFELD in third.

Very good performance for #46 Konstantinos Chatzimichalis!

*Top 10*

#48 Rick van VEEN
#303 Timo HEINEN
#320 Mortiz HENNEFELD
#23 Lejon FOKKEMA
#31 Wolfgang PAYR
#46 Konstantinos CHATZIMICHALIS
#300 Anton TYLL
#37 Onno ELLENS

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